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All or Nothing was the 4th chapter of The Battle of Trost.

Summary Edit

Agent Mars and Chad-119 lead a Broadsword strike as the Trost Fleet engages a large Covenant fleet with the help of Shipmaster Sdan. They destroy two enemy assault carriers. Oddly, the Covenant fleet retreats. Soon afterwards, strange Forerunner signals are detected on Cios and the other moons. Agent Mars and Chad-119 deploy to the surface of Trost to investigate a Forerunner installation and engage Remnant ground troops. The Pelicans crash, separating the Spartans and Sdan. They fight their way into a Forerunner complex. As they prepare to exit, the installation activates, sending a beam of light towards Cios. Reinforcements are contacted and John-A222 arrives with the Delta Forti Fleet. An engagement with hostile vessels begins as the Trost Fleet also arrives.