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Avenge the Fallen is the fourth chapter of Outbreak.

Summary Edit

UNSC Echoes In The Grave brings Insertion Team Foxtrot into the atmosphere of Trost. The ODSTs prepare to assist in defending a Forerunner relay. Leonard Scott speaks with the Captain before Echoes In The Grave is attacked by the CCS-class light cruiser of Uhze 'Nostrom's. Foxtrot is ordered down to the surface in drop pods. Echoes In The Grave deploys all drop pods just before being destroyed by the enemy cruiser. The pods are separated. An hour later, Foxtrot regroups. Covenant forces arrive to pick off survivors in the ruins of Echoes In The Grave. After extensive fighting, one of Foxtrot is killed and several others are injured. Leonard, enraged, puts up a valiant effort with Foxtrot. Overwhelmed, they evacuate. Leonard cannot get on the Pelican as Forerunner pylons come out of the ground.