"Great is the guilt of an unnecessary war."

Formation Edit

The Colonial Military of Tharsis was officially formed in 2548, as the planet began to become more independent from the UEG. It was created as a successor to the People's Militia of Tharsis, and unofficial but government sanctioned militia force willing to defend the colony on the event of Covenant attack. Many members of the Militia became officers upon the creation of the Colonial Military.

Power Edit

Naval (Orbital) Edit

The Coalition has 3 fleets, each of which are small when compared to a standard UNSC fleet, and can be better compared to battlegroups.

First, there is the Home fleet, which much like the UNSC's home fleet above earth, is stationed above it's home, Tharsis. It is the largest, and maintains the planets trade, orbital transportation, and basic defense of the planet in the event of an attack. It consists mostly of small frigates that have been modified military-grade weaponry, and contains 11 ships.

Second is the Expeditionary fleet, which is the smallest and most vulnerable. While primarily used for official and transport of high-ranking officials, it's sometimes used for exploring planets that may need deeper research before colonization. It numbers with 7 vessels, though only has 2 "armed" vessels, their armament being relatively basic and are meant only to protect the group while they retreat into slip space, and are not intended for actual naval combat.

Lastly is the Militarized fleet. The flagship being a modified Phoenix-Class Colony ship, the rest are transport frigates modified for orbital battle. While the militarized group is well equipped for dealing with pirates, smugglers, and other small threats, a standard covenant battlegroup or two UNSC battlegroups will easily overpower the force. The militarized fleet often stays with the home fleet and escorts government trade ships and escorts ships carrying government officials.

Naval (Oceanic) Edit

The Tharsis Oceanic Navy is unparalleled in it's superiority of the sea, not only on the planet, but among the outer colonies, and even many inner colonies. The number of active vessels standing at roughly 500, and more always being produced, the Naval force was one of the first large investments of the Military, and became heralded as the force that won the war against the Red Hand. The flagship of the Fleet is the CNTS Gitaskog Warcarrier, the only of it's kind and the first known ship the be designated as a Battle-Carrier.

Infantry Edit

The current infantry manpower numbers at nearly 1.5 million men and women, serving in the Army, Oceanic and Orbital Marines, and the Special Forces. This number includes reserve forces, and without reserves, the number as approximately 1.2 million infantry members.

Air Force Edit

The Colonial Air Force of Tharsis is laughably small in the wake of the of the Red War, many of the CAFT's forces destroyed in combat. As of 2563, the current number of aircraft in service is nearly 2000, consisting largely of surveillance craft, bombers, and transports.