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Desperation is the 9th chapter of The Battle of Trost.

Summary Edit

The Delta Forti Fleet discovers 'Vestam's fleet and the Composer emerging from slipspace. The news spreads to all UNSC and Separatist leaders. Remnants' Fall engages along with its other vessels. After a lengthy battle, Remnants' Fall damages Song of Retribution, but is damaged in the process. John-A222 dispatches several fireteams to infiltrate enemy cruisers. Sol 'Vtumee's fleet and the Trost Fleet arrive to assist in battle. Reports of Covenant activity on the surface arrive. Remnants' Fall goes down to the planet to investigate. The Rysa 'Vestam has snuck three battlecruisers, and the Composer into Serath. In addition, the city is surrounded by a massive Covenant shield. Commander John-A222 contacts all available fireteams, and they are prepped. All fireteams deploy to destroy the thirteen generators that support the shield. A massive firefight ensues. The shield finally falls to reveal a damaged Serath and a massive Forerunner structure that has been uncovered in the city. The structure activates a portal that 'Vestam, his ships, and the Composer go into. Remnants' Fallfollows them through the portal with John-A222, John-117, and many others aboard. The portal then collapses, sending a shockwave onto all ground forces that remain. When the smoke clears, 'Vestam, the Composer, John-A222, Master Chief, and Chad-119 are gone. The ground teams finish off the hostiles and evac.