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Destroyer Turned Savior is the tenth and final chapter of Outbreak.

Summary Edit

The combined UNSC fleet is ready.... Ready for Halo. All personnel rush to prepare their stations. John-A222 is briefed by Admiral Serin Osman for a final time before departure. Together, the massive UNSC fleet jumps into slipspace. Four UNSC and several Swords of Sangheilios teams are formed for the operation. Commander A222 briefs the fireteams about the Halo. Soon enough, the ships emerge at the ice-coated ring. As the teams approach, they receive garbled Sangheili transmissions. Ensis 'Urden patches through. Half of the Sangheili fleet is lost and an infected carrier approaches the halo. The UNSC teams are reassigned as the Flood-ship crashes onto the icy ring. All teams land and mount in a massive force of tanks and vehicles. Forming a defensive line by an entrance into the ice, the force engages Flood and Sentinels in a three-way crossfire. The destruction continues as A222 and Bedragare meet at the entrance edge, a hole cut in the ice by Naru 'Sanavai. The two Spartans dive and slide down the chasm and begin moving to the control room. There they find Naru and some surviving Sangheili. Bedragare works with Foreunner consoles, using Faber's knowledge. He retrieves the Index and teleports the Sangheili away. The allied fleet jumps away from the system. The Gravemind speaks, sending Flood to stop them. A222 engages as Marc continues work with the ring. Taking down much of the Flood, John-A222 is overwhelmed. On the ground, the Spartan primes a plasma grenade, prepared to go out. Suddenly, there is a flash of light and the Halo fires.