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Finish the Fight is the 10th and final chapter of The Battle of Trost.

Summary Edit

The Composer, three supercruisers, and Remnants' Fall exit slipspace in the Sol System.... At Earth. John-117, John-A222, and Chad-119 deploy in Broadswords and infiltrate the Composer, leaving Marc Bedragare at the helm of Remnants' Fall. After Bedragare blows a hole into the Composer, the Spartans fly inside. There, John-A222 engages Remnant forces as Master Chief goes to stop Rysa 'Vestam(ee), and Ghost heads to the reactor. A222 kills many Covenant warriors as Ghost plants a Fury nuclear device in the reactor. A222 manages to sneak onto the upper level of 'Vestam's chamber, followed by Ghost. The pair engage his bodyguards as 'Vestam is captured by Master Chief. After a medal ceremony, they return to Remnants' Fall, and later, reenter the portal.