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The classic Insurrection logo.

The insurrection (n(t)-sə-ˈrek-shən) is a group of rebel forces fighting a campaign against the UNSC. Trost is most known for its intense amount of Insurrectionists.

Notable Insurgents Edit

History Edit

Trostian Insurrection Edit

The insurrection on Trost came to be in major disagreements with the government and the UNSC. This went from strikes and mobs, and escalated to fires, killings and overall terrorizing Trost. This is when the government had enough. The UNSC began to send in soldiers to check houses, eliminate targets, and silence those who had the power to rally people against Trost. Then there were two decisions to those who wanted independence. Stop their campaign and/or leave the planet, or start a civil war. Those who didn't chose the first choice, gathered their weapons and went to war with the UNSC. This has led to many battles and heavy body count.