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The Insurrection has an uncountable amount of soldiers on Trost and Bellaphron. There are some soldiers that should be mentioned, yet they're not big enough for their own page.

NPCs Edit

James Barrett Edit

James "Hound" Barrett was a 25 year old UNSC officer, who joined the Insurrection in a disagreement with his commanding officer. He is a good sniper, tracker, and recon.

Kelly Ryder Edit

Kelly "Ghost" Ryder is a 27 year old friend of Jason Black who joined the Insurrection after hearing of Jason's campaign against the UNSC. She is known for her skills in stealth. She and Jason became friends after Jason's escape from a correctional facility by teaming up to steal food to survive on their own. She managed to make Jason remember their life together in their 18s and the rest of his past life a month after Jason's Cyberization.

Ignacio Targan Edit

Ignacio "The Bull" Targan is a 32 year old friend of Scott Kalan. The two knew of each other when Scott, Ignacio and Scott's father defended their farm from the UNSC in Texas. Scott's father was shortly killed afterwards, leaving Ignacio and Scott to survive on their own. The two separated afterwards, yet met each other again later during their Bellaphron years.

Evan Smith Edit

Evan "Electro" Smith is a 27 year old Insurgent who enjoys the use of EMP weapons like the Plasma Pistol and Grenade Launcher. He had specialized with electronics since the age of 7.

Max Allen Edit

Max "Splinter" Allen was a 23 year old sniper. He died at the hands of Rhoss 'Sevee.

James Starr Edit

James "Orion" Starr is a 26 year old Insurgent who specializes in assault.

Rose Valentine Edit

Rose "Kiss" Valentine was a 21 year old Insurgent who used stealth to her advantage. She was known for dating many notable members of the Insurrection. She died at the hands of Rhoss 'Sevee.

Drew Cage Edit

Drew "Smiley" Cage is a 25 year old Insurgent who specialized in heavy weapons. He, and Ignacio, Became a deadly duo in the battlefield.

Ray Mathews Edit

Ray "The Outsider" Mathews is a 33 year old Insurgent who uses covenant weapons on the battlefield.

Jeremy Stacy Edit

Jeremy "The Pyromaniac" Stacy is a 29 year old Insurgent who uses fire to eliminate his enemies.

Trent Hawke Edit

Trent "The Gearhead" Hawke is a 34 year old Insurgent and field engineer. He was known for his advanced creations, like mobile sentry guns.