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Old Wounds is the third chapter of Outbreak.

Summary Edit

Fireteams Blue, Aquila, Foxtrot, and Eclipse prepare with John-A222 at Firebase Thermopylae in the Tengil Valley of the Bifrost Mountains. UNSC forces ready the base's defenses in preparation for a potential Flood assault. The teams travel to Midgard Mountain and enter The Barrow to investigate, recover, and possibly destroy the facility. Inside, they engage Flood forms in the misty dark halls. The teams split up to search the sprawling base. The teams prepare a HAVOK to destroy the base. Commander Rower orders all units to evacuate as she primes the bomb and is engaged by Flood. Fighting off combat forms, Blue, Aquila, and Eclipse Teams evacuate to Thermopylae. John-A222 keeps a Warthog near Midgard Mountain to pick up Rower. After she doesn't exit the base, A222 drives the hog into a deep cave. The HAVOK detonates, splitting the surface and crippling Midgard. The base of the mountain is scorched but the Gravemind continues his onslaught. Flood spores are realeased, infecting the entire population of Firebase Thermopylae. The John-A222 drives to the base and helps evacuate the fireteams. They barely escape on a Pelican. John-A222 fires a mounted machinegun at Flood swarms as Remnants' Fall begins to glass the surface. Normandy fires its MAC as well, helping burn the valley. Search and rescue begins, but Rower is not found.