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Scott "The Cowboy" Kalan is an Insurgent hailing from Texas, Earth, and is a character in the Halo Universe RP. He is one of the most high-ranking Insurgents on Trost.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Scott was born in Texas, and raised on a farm. Him and his father tended to the family farm, which was assaulted by the UNSC due to the UNSC expansion in Texas. Scott's father refused to let the UNSC take his land, which made the UNSC act violently. Scott, his family, and his friend Ignacio Targan ran off to safety. During their travels, UNSC soldiers found Scott and his family. Scott's father, angry, attacked the soldiers. The soldiers managed to kill Scott's dad. Ignacio and Scott became angered, and killed the UNSC soldiers. Scott and Ignacio swore that, when they reach adulthood, they would take back Scott's family farm.

When Scott hit the age of 19, he readied his weapons and went back to his family's farm. Unfortunately, the farm was turned into a UNSC outpost. Scott became enraged, and attacked. He managed to take out a couple of soldiers, yet he was too wounded to do anything big. He was found, wounded, by the Insurrection. Scott, healed and experienced, led a team of Insurgents to take back his family farm. Scott managed to take out all the UNSC soldiers in the outpost, without losing any of his men. He was transferred to Trost, due to its need of experienced commanders.

Trost Years Edit

Not much was known about his time on Trost, other than his military knowledge and skills came into play, and was an honorable Insurgent. He also met Jason Black, another Insurgent.

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Loadout Edit

Scott carries a shotgun, and two revolvers. He is best at close quarters or with dual small-arms weapons.

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