Lord John-A222, the sexiest hunk of SPARTAN-III/Deity cross-breeding there ever was. Seriously, I would bang this guy.

SPARTANs are genetically augmented super-soldiers made by the UNSC and ONI. They are the best line of ass-kickery day ass-defensivry available to the UNSC, and when they are deployed, You know a story arc is about to happen . SPARTANs are uncommon, however, due to the fact that the only way to become one is to win a bullshit lottery that happens once every like two millennia and most die in either Marc-quality heroic sacrifices or awkwardly-written attention seekers.

Background Edit

The idea of a genetically modified super-soldier has been around much longer than many would think. However, the SPARTANs were the most successful idea of this sort.


ORION was an idea very similar to the SPARTAN project, and was later referred to as the SPARTAN-I program. Consenting volunteers were augmented and made physically superior to unaugmented soldiers. The project was launched was launched in 2331, and shut down in 2506. 300 soldiers were augmented during the project's lifetime. After the project was shut down, all members of the ORION Program were sent back into regular service.

SPARTAN-II Program Edit

After the failure of ORION, Insurrection activity grew in power. In 2517, ONI began to realize they needed to eliminate the rebellion immediately. In 2525, ONI special project division member Catherine Halsey started the SPARTAN-II program. The project's main goal was to minimize civilian casualties and prevent a war. 300 children were taken from their homes against their will, and replaced with flash clones that were engineered to die quickly. The children were trained vigorously, and genetically augmented. Many of the trainees were killed or crippled by the training and augmentations.

Known SPARTAN-IIs Edit










SPARTAN-III Program Edit

The SPARTAN-III Program was the successor to the SPARTAN-II program, and a way to supplement theur numbers. Unlike the SPARTAN-II's, however, the SPARTAN-III's were used as a method to buy time while fighting the Covenant, and were much less expensive to train and augment. SPARTAN-IIIs, as a result of their main purpose as cannon fodder, are uncommon to see. However, due to their numbers, they are much more common that SPARTAN-IIs. Unlike the Twos, the Threes were created by Colonel James Ackerson, and were mainly orphans from fallen colonies.

Known Spartan-IIIs Edit




Spartan B312 (Noble Six)

SPARTAN-IV Program Edit

The SPARTAN-IV Program, as its name suggests, is the fourth generation of the SPARTAN programs. As of now, the SPARTAN-IV Program is the only SPARTAN program still active. Unlike the SPARTAN-IIs and IIIs, the IV's are consenting adults, similar to the ORION Project. If one is selected, they may accept or decline the offer. Surviving IIs and IIIs were also given the option to become a IVs. The SPARTAN-IV program was the only program to be public from the start, and was not a secret to anyone. The IVs train in simulated "War Games," where they may be thrown into combat against each other or against simulated enemies, or both, which is the case in the newer simulation known as "Warzone."

Known Spartan-IVs Edit

Marc D. Bedragare - listed MIA; assumed KIA

Miranda Rower - Reassigned

David Li - confirmed KIA by MAC round

Alex Shepard - Active

"Xray" - confirmed KIA by mental deterioration

Joseph Murdoc - Active

Sam Caster - Active

Jesse Thermer - Active

Felix Haul - Active

Azubuike Enitan - Active

John Hill - Active

Kyle Cage - Discharged due to injury

Ashley Glass - Active

Johnathan Andrews - Active

Austin Birch - Active

Anthony Mendez - Active

Robert Jameson - Active

Brandon King - Active

John Fusion - Active

Jacob Gray - Active

Valerie Rogers - Active

Josh Jones - Active

Sophie Matthias - Active

Alexander Meyer - Active

Alexander Charleston - Active

Sean Moorland - Active

Ivan Sinitsin - Deaugmented

Sarah Roberts - Reassigned