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The Hive is the seventh chapter of Outbreak.

Summary Edit

Joseph Murdoc leads a team devised of the best Spartans to investigate Flood activity in a giant vertical cave. This team consists of Jesse Thermer, Felix Haul, Sean Moorland, Bundap, John Hill, Russ Gibbs, and Jerome-092. The team preemptively takes a nuclear bomb with a 15 mile radius of destruction. They reach the epicenter of the activity and discover that a new Proto-Gravemind is in formation in the caves. They plant the nuke and arm it. However, this alerts the local Flood forms. In the team's escape, a Flood form latches on to Murdoc's left arm. Sean saves him by hacking the arm off with his knife. They escape the caves via Falcon, and Murdoc is rushed to a medbay, where his arm is replaced with a new, and stronger, mechanical arm. The team successfully destroys the Proto-Gravemind.