Wade Galen is a human male Insurgent. Like Jason Black, he is quite a psychopath. Wade has two personalities: Wade, his normal self, and Deadeye, a psychotic murderer.

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Early Life Edit

Wade Galen was born on Earth to a common family. However, he was constantly being abused by his father, mother, and siblings. This continued for several years as he was kept locked inside his house. Until one day, he decided he had enough after being beaten again. Full of rage he went into the kitchen and took a kitchen knife before brutally murdering his family, and for the first time in his life he was happy. He then left the house but was soon detained due to the bloodstains on his clothing. Since he was too young for prison he had been put into therapy, where he was diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder. He had also shown aggressive behavior towards anyone that brought up his family. He was then placed into a foster home where he would make his first friend who later framed him for the theft of neighborhood items. This left Wade with a lack of trust for anyone. After that he was then put into another foster home. He was only there a short time before he murdered them too. Sick of his behavior, the police finally decided to put him in prison where he his aggressive behavior and split personality progressively grew worse and worse. Eventually he was declared psychotic by the other prisoners who then kept their distance from him.

For the first few years, Wade didn't mind being in prison. He was feared by most and respected by others. However, by the time he turned 20 he had grown tired of it and began working out an escape plan, only including other prisoners that he had grown to trust over the years. At the age of 21 the plan was finally set in motion when he attacked a guard and pummeled him to death. He then took the guard's sidearm and led his companions to freedom, once they were certain they had gotten away one of Wade's "friends" pulled a gun on him, which Deadeye responded by promptly shooting him in the head. Seeing this the others scattered and ran, afraid that he would ruthlessly kill them too, however, seeing them as no threat Deadeye let them live. Afterwards, having heard stories about them during his time in prison, he decided to join the CRS. After three years he was sent to Trost to combat the UNSC forces there.

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