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When In Doubt is the fifth chapter of Outbreak.

Summary Edit

Sean Moorland, Jackson Forge, and several others engage Flood in the overwhelmed city of Serath. Sean moves with Ouya Frahman to plant an explosive in a city reactor. Ouya then tries to detonate the bomb early to slaughter everyone. After a confrontation Sean shoots and kills Ouya breaking the bomb in the process, meanwhile Alexis 'O' Dare was overwhelmed and torn to pieces by the Flood. Jackson rushed back inside the Reactor to find Ouya dead, and the bomb unusable, without a way out and a objective Sean and Jackson bunker down in the control room, waiting for the Flood. Just as the Flood were about to rush the pair a transmission is received from former Agent Marc Bedragare, requesting support at Xiao Memorial Hospital. Jackson and Sean fight their way pat the hordes of Flood towards the hospital as Remnants' Fall enters the airspace. The reactor is left as a behind and a team of ODSTs are dropped with John-A222 to the soldiers' position. Sergeant Anthony Mendez, the ODSTs, A222, Sean, and Jackson fight their way into the hospital. They move to the pediatric ward as Mendez and A222 look for Bedragare. They find Private Irrsov who explains the situation. Shortly after, Irrsov is attacked by a Flood form. As Mendez and A222 try to save Irrsov, the Marine is shot by Bedragare. Bedragare, John-A222, and Mendez find themselves at a standoff. After conversing, the trio moves to the roof where Sean and Jackson meet them with patients. Marc speaks strangely in an odd manner. The geas of John-A222 notices this, but they continue. The team evacuates with the survivors, then Sean and a Corporal arrive on the evacuation pad after planting explosives in the Hospital. The C-12 charges are detonated as the Pelican flies away.

The operation was considered a failure, with the death of two ODSTs and the loss of a Nuclear bomb, and with it; the rest of Serath. Although the situation was beyond his control Sean still feels sore about the mission.